Cemeteries and Funerals

Catholic Cemeteries of Corry:

St. Thomas Cemetery and St. Elizabeth Cemetery are dedicated to the service of the Church by reverently laying to rest those who have died, caring for those who grieve, and providing a sacred place of prayer and reflection for all Christians in our cemeteries.  In providing a consecrated place for internment, we treat the deceased with dignity after death.  We serve as a symbol of the extended community of the Church - a community unbroken by death, as we celebrate the death and resurrection of the Lord, which offers to us the promise of eternal life.  St. Thomas Cemetery and St. Elizabeth Cemetery hold similar status of any Church, a place of prayer and respect for all people of good will. 

For more information regarding one of our 2 Catholic cemeteries, please contact our Director of Cemeteries at the parish office (814-663-3041).  


      St. Thomas Cemetery                                                                                                          St. Elizabeth Cemetery 

    13534 - 13662 Lovell Road                                                                                                 1318 North Center Street

      Corry, Pennsylvania                                                                                                              Corry, Pennsylvania

To view the Rules and Regulations for our Parish's two cemeteries, please  CLICK HERE


If you wish to hold a funeral Mass or service for your loved one at St. Thomas the Apostle Church, please contact the priest by calling the parish office (814-663-3041).  The following material is meant to assist in the preparation of the Funeral Liturgy.  

Funeral Planning Booklet

Funeral Planning Sheet